Do walnuts go rancid at room temperature?

Exposure to hot temperatures for long periods of time will cause the fat in nuts to change and become rancid. You can tell that the nuts are aging if they are rubbery or wrinkled. They go rancid if they have a strange smell similar to that of a paint thinner. This is because they are stored for too long or in poor conditions.

The FoodKeeper (FK) app says that all nuts last 2 to 4 weeks at room temperature. That doesn't seem to be very accurate, especially when it comes to those that don't have a shell. Shelled nuts can last up to 12 months while maintaining their freshness and quality. However, once the shell is removed, the lifespan of the nut decreases significantly.

Place the chopped or ground walnuts in an airtight container or a resealable bag that prevents moisture from entering. The University of California guidelines are a little more relaxed and state that nuts without shells last four months, while those without shells last three months in the pantry. Once you open the bag, transfer the nuts to an airtight container to maintain freshness and then place them back in the refrigerator or freezer. If you buy nuts in sealed containers, you can store them in their original packaging in the refrigerator or freezer.

Walnuts should retain their quality for about 12 months in the fridge and 24 months in the freezer (FK, UOC). For nuts in shells, you can leave them at room temperature in a ventilated bag or place them in a bag or container and refrigerate them. So, if you shake the nut without the shell and you hear the nut moving inside it, it's time to throw it away. If that's the case, you'd probably like to know how long walnuts last and how to tell if a nut is bad.

So, if you don't plan to consume your shelled nuts quickly, it's best to store them in the refrigerator. You also know that the pantry or kitchen are good enough to store shelled nuts in the short term and unshelled nuts in the medium term. These nuts are very beneficial for you and enjoying a handful of nuts every day will make your body strong and healthy. Shelled nuts take up a lot of space, so you probably don't have enough space in the fridge or freezer to store them there anyway.

As I mentioned in the spoilage section, nuts tend to go rancid, thanks to their nutritional profile. If you find that the nut shell has shrunk, deformed, or dried, you shouldn't even bother opening it, because in that case, the nut has become rancid. Second, how long walnuts stay in good condition depends largely on storage conditions, so I don't think dates help much. Knowing how to store nuts properly will help ensure that they have a long shelf life and stay fresh.

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